Our family history


The calendar writes the year 1480 when the name “Niedermayr” was first written down on the village’s chronicles papers. The attempt to reconstruct our bloodline goes back to the year 1532. Since 1691 we are allowed to have our own family crest. Our family chronicle is coined from the hard winters and from the world history.


1950 the eldest son Johann marries Rosa Hinteregger and 1957 they take over the farm. 8 years after the birth of their daughter, the eagerly awaited son Josef was born. With a lot of effort, parsimony and huge diligence Johann and Rosa rebuild the barn and sheds. With their savings they bought the first tractor, machines and the most important things for their home.


Through pure fluke the first German guest arrived in the mid-sixties. Due to an overbooking at the hotel “Edy” next door the woman stayed in an empty room at the farm. The room did not have any warm water nor an own bathroom. Through the intimidate friendship with the German family more and more guests came to the farm. The farm holidays were born.

Family Crest

Family crest

Since 1691 we are allowed to have our own family crest.


With the reconstruction of the residential house in 1973 and the construction of vacation apartments, the farm vacation attracted more and more guests to our home. For over 40 years Josef and his wife Wally ran the Niedermairhof at the entrance of the sunny village.


Like father, like son; that’s also true for the Niedermaiers! Not only does Andreas carry on his fathers’ passion, he also is now father of three children (Lina, Armin and Rosa)! With the takeover of the farm in 2017 and the wedding with Renate, the two run the Niedermairhof together. The siblings of Andreas, Michaela and Evi, have chosen other professions. They are our most loyal vacationers on the farm.

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